E-Commerce Delivery

Our services are designed to fulfill the needs of both e-commerce sellers and buyers in Myanmar. Our delivery professionals will collect the products from merchants, deliver to any city in our network, collect cash on delivery and transfer it back to sellers by bank. Merchants will be well informed about the delivery and payment status by our app or dashboard.


The business growth for SMEs will be not constrained due to limited storage space, and human resources for handling the orders. Marathon will handle the orders including sorting, packaging and delivering the products to end-customers in our network. The business owners can manage the whole order process through our integrated technology infrastructure.

B2B Delivery

Logistics is no longer a bottleneck for business growth for SMEs. Marathon will customize the logistics solution based on the requirements of businesses – either reaching out to more regions, or delivering on time. We deliver high levels of service, reliability and control over the product movement to end-customers through our integrated technology infrastructure.